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Shungite the Black Miracle

Why Shungite is special?

Shungite stone is a unique mineral which can be found only in Karelia, region in the north-west of Russia.

Regular Type III Shungite contains up to 50% of carbon and it is the only mineral that contains fullerenes, unique molecules with many beneficial properties.

Shungite is used in many fields, such as water filtration, EMF and MMW (5G) protection, physical and spiritual healing, and even gardening.

• EMF and MMW (5G) protection

EMF and MMW are harmful invisible waves emitted by electronical devices. These waves make us feel fatigued, they cause headaches and geopathic stress. Shungite, thanks to fullerenes and high carbon content, has a natural shielding properties, it protects us from EMF and MMW radiation. You will feel less stressed, which is immensely important in the modern world.

• Physical Healing

Due to high content of carbon and unique chemical structure, shungite has natural healing properties. By having a shungite item, you will improve your immune system, normalize your blood pressure and blood circulation, you will feel that you sleep better and feel less stressed.

• Spiritual Healing and Chakra Balancing

Healing benefits of shungite have been proved by numerous generations’ experience. Shungite has a soothing, calming effect. Shungite products are widely used for meditations, rituals, grounding, yoga, and many other purposes.

Shungite is a well-known crystal for Chakra balancing and cleaning. Shungite represent Root Chakra. By balancing and cleaning your Root Chakra with shungite, you will restore your psychological state, you will feel safer, shungite will provide you with positive, soothing vibrations, which have the most positive impact on your overall well-being.

Tap water is full of heavy metals, chloride and other harmful particles. Drinking this water is dangerous fir immune system and whole body. It’s rather difficult to find clear water, mountain spring or wild nature lake only. Well water not only so clear also, because garbage and wastewater pollute the environment and just the groundwater. But now we have a good helper – shungite saves us!

Shungite water

Because of porous structure shungite filled with water absorbs heavy metals, radionuclides, chlorides, ammonia like a sponge. All of this sink on the bottom as a sludge. The best way is to pour it away.

The water cleaned by shunghit is crystal clear without any smell. It’s absolutely safe for drinking and cooking.

Why shungite cleaning is better than coal filter?

The most common way of cleaning water is chloride. Filters are not very effective – only 50-50 per cents. Coal filters release the smallest particles of coal dust into the water. These organic particles are able to react with the other components. These particles are enough to dioxin setting off when the water is boiled. Dioxin is extremely dangerous poison. It can be a reason of cancer. It’s molecules attack human’s organism at genetic level.

Another one property of shungite is mineralization of water

Infusing the water on shungite about 8-12 hours increases content of such useful minerals as calcium, iron, sulphide.

Researches show that shungite mineralized water has a good anti-itching and resolvent effect for skin and mucous membranes. Throat rinsing with shunghit water helps to treat strep throat. Gingiva rinsing treats parodontosis, wiping and lotions are useful than there are purulent wounds and abrasions. Shungite mineralized water can be used as a first aid with insect bites, cuts and sunburns. Also shungite water has a good effect for treatment allergies, neurodermatities, eczemas, psoriasis and also trophic sores.

Shungite structures water

Shungite has unique components of molecule structure – fullerenes. Because of their properties shungite has an effect to structure the water. Structured water is balanced with the environment, it’s molecules are at rest, so it’s absorbed by the body easier than tap water without any filters. Scientists say that drinking a 2-3 glass of shungite water a day helps to treat such diseases as:

- Diabetes;

- Different allergies;

- Kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach diseases;

- Problems with immune system;

- Colds and flues;

- Cardiovascular diseases;

- Chronic fatigue;

- Asthma.

How to use shungite

You need 3 pound of shungite and 1 quart of water

For making water you need:

  1. pour the crumble into the sieve or colander for washing. Use glass or enamel container better

  2. Wash the stones thoroughly, rub them with hands or brush about 10 minutes.

  3. Prepare the container for infusion

  4. Pour water into the container with shunghit.

The first time infuse the water 24 hours. At first the water would be turbid, it’s not dangerous – particles will sink next day. After 24 hours water will be cleaned and structured.

  1. Pour out 2/3 of water in the other container. This water is drinkable. Water the flowers the remaining water.

  2. Later you may top up water in the container with zeolite and infuse the water 10-12 hours.

  3. Once in two months you should wash the stones in clear water and dry them.


Most frequent questions:

Question: Is shungite harmful?

Answer: It’s absolutely harmless, and it’s very useful. One and the main rule is to infuse the water for 24 hours, not longer.

Question: May I cook on shungite water?

Answer: Of course you may. The food cooked with such water will be enriched with useful elements. Boiled water has the same properties.

Question: How can I differ natural shungite from fake?

Answer: Natural shunghit conducts electricity. It’s easy to try: you need a bulb, a small battery and two cords. If you connect consistently the bulb and the battery with a piece of shunghit with putting the cords to shunghit, the bulb will light up. If the mineral is fake, the bulb will not light up. Or the easiest way you can use the touchscreen of your phone and should work like a pen ;)

Question: Where the elite shungite is mined?

Answer: Nowadays it is not mined. It can be found in collectors or with local residents, who has a reserve; it’s very rare. But we have our own reserves of the stone – we received it from great collector. The price will be increase every month, because the reserve is limited.

Question: Is it possible to infuse water with shungite and other minerals together?

Answer: Don’t do it! It’s because of unique properties of shunghit. It clears water faster than other minerals, so, there is no effect of other minerals yet. If you infuse the water with shungite longer than 24 hours, the solution will be too concentrate and may be dangerous.

Question: May I drink shungite water every day?

Answer: Of course you may. Shungite water is a natural source of health for you.

Thank you for reading this article < SHUNGITE The Black Miracle >

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